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This HowTo covers the setup and usage of the miau IRC bouncer for logging the #nslu2-general IRC channel.
The info here is for unslung. The SlugOS variant can be found at: InstallMiauForIRCLogging?

  1. Unsling your slug - see Unslung
  2. Install the miau package which gives you your IRC bounce. You can do this by executing the following via telnet.

    # ipkg update
    # ipkg install miau
  3. Reboot and check miau is running. Also if you go to the nslu2-general Java IRC client you should see a new user has connected called "change-me" or "echange-m" or "mechange-" or some other combination depending on how many other people still have not configured miau.

    # ps -ef

    And look for a line something like the following:

    12991 ttyp1 root 1720 S /opt/bin/miau
  4. OK so it's running. What the heck do you do now? Well, you need to configure miau so that you are connecting with a meaningful name. To do this we need to edit /opt/etc/miau.conf. (I use nano as my editor on the slug, but you can use any editor of your choice)

    # nano /opt/etc/miau.conf
  5. Change all the mandatory options at the top of the file to settings of your choice. Particularly the nicknames.

    nicknames = {
  6. Now you need to set up the logging variables in the optional parameters below as follows:

    qloglength = "5"
    timestamp = "beginning"
    flushqlog = "false"
    inbox = "true"
    privlog = "always"
    channels = {
    chanlog = {
  7. Now you need to restart miau so that it rereads the config file. this is easily done by executing the init script as follows:

    # /opt/etc/init.d/S52miau
  8. Now you should be cooking on gas. I'm not going to pretend I know the subtleties of these parameters, but I do know that they work. Their effect is as follows:
    1. /var/spool/miau/inbox contains any private messages sent to you over IRC
    2. /var/spool/miau/logs/nslu2-general.log contains a verbose log of the nslu2-general IRC channel
    3. /var/spool/maiu/logs/anotheruser contains private messages from anotheruser on IRC

Outstanding questions:

So my questions now are:

  1. How long will it be before /var/spool/ fills up?
  2. Can the logs be redirected elsewhere? (I would like to access them on a share)
  3. Is maiu on the slug designed only for the root user? How would multiple users access it?

Awnser to question 1

This depends on the amount of traffic on the channel you are logging and the space available on the filesystem where /var/spool resides.

Awnser to question 2

The chanlogs can be redirected this way in the miau.conf "#chan":"aC":"/pathwhereulikeit/chanlogfile"

I think with the help of a softlink u can redirected the complete folder where u like just go to /opt/var/spool rm -r miau (kills everything in miau ofcourse so backup incase) ln -s /pathwhereulikeit/ miau

Awnser to question 3

Other users can also start miau if they desire by starting it from the shell.
The settings should be in .miau/miaurc in the home directory of the user.
Note that whereas the root miau from above restarts when the system reboots, whereas user started versions will not restart. If you want to start a session as a regular user and want to keep it running if you logout either start miau in the background (e.g. with:
nohup miau &
) or run it under screen.

Also when starting miau as a user make sure that you have write access to the directories where miau wants to scribble.

More information.

The miau user manual can be found at: http://miau.sourceforge.net/manual.html

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