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There are many uPnP media servers that can be run on the NSLU2. This page compares them.

The Table

The following table compares the known uPnP media servers available for the NSLU2. No particular preference is implied.

feature TwonkyVision uShare Fuppes MediaTomb Wizd
Installation: see TwonkyVision see uShare see InstallFuppesUPNPMediaServer see MediaTomb No package, see SF
most recent version: 6.0.23 1.1a SVN-524 0.11.0 v24 (07/11/2006)
most recent version for NSLU2: 6.0.23 1.1a 0.7.1 0.11.0 v24 (07/11/2006)
Cost (in USD): $19.95 USD free free free free
License: commercial GPL2 GPL2 GPL2 GPL2
Audio formats (native): mp3, wma, flac, AAC (all) see ushare homepage all all Unknown
Audio formats (transcoded): unknown no transcoding ogg, flac, mpc & aac/mp4 to mp3, mpeg2, pcm or wav see mediatomb homepage see homepage
Video formats: mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, etc see ushare homepage all all see homepage
Image formats: jpeg, etc see ushare homepage all all See Homepage
Playlist formats: pls, m3u unknown pls, m3u pls, m3u, other See Homepage
on-the-fly playlists: Yes (Most Played / Last Played) unknown no no Yes (If I understand what on-the-fly playlists is...)
Internet radio: Shoutcast unknown no unknown Don't think so.
persistant database: yes no yes yes No
base application memory footprint: ~6MB ~3MB unknown unknown unknown
approx memory used per song: unknown unknown unknown unknown unknown
largest database: >18000 Files unknown - I have 17500 songs at the moment, works like a charm unknown limited by device storage unknown
iTunes Library Utilisation: yes unknown unknown unknown unknown
PS3 support: yes video yes yes unknown
XBox 360 support: yes yes unknown unknown unknown
Supported Players unknown Known to work with DSM-520 unknown unknown Syabas based players such as: Pinnacle's Showcenters

External Links

http://www.upnp.org - uPnP Forum

Edit Notes

Okt 2010: Have tested uShare, MediaTomb and finally Twonky. uShare just let you browse the files - no database, no ID-Tag reading, which is fine, because my 20 000+ files where up in under a minute, but when i browse the files with my AV-Receiver it gives me annoying timeouts every few folders i browse. So i tried MediaTomb - very easy to set up and configure but it took MediaTomb 24h to browse through half of my files - damn slow... I'm now very happy with Twonky, they support the NSLU2 again with verion 6.0.23 (2010) - can be found here: http://www.twonkyforum.com/downloads/6.0.23/(approve sites). Suprisingly it brings an installer with it, which sets the whole thing up in < 1 minute (seems to work via telnet)! Indexing my 20,000 files was finisthed in 15 min and browsing the files with my AV-Receiver was very fast (flac is supported too). Updated the TwonkyVision Page.

Feb 2008: Updated ushare data, removed note about invalid characters and ushare, as ushare now supports configurable behaviour regarding invalid characters in filenames.

The goal behind this page is to make a comprehensive comparison of the uPnP solutions out there specifically with the NSLU2 in mind. Ultimately, I hope to fill in all the unknown values above and add more.

As of 2007-09-23, Mediatomb can support transcoding via plugins... this means that it should be able to transcode anything provided you can find the plugin for it. This functionality is still beta, but very promising.

Note: Dec 21/2007. I tried MediaTomb 0.10 on the slug. It works...But. I have a music collection of 13000 songs. It took 24 hours to get through 3500 songs. I killed it at that point. Twonky took about 5 minutes. But now Twonky is NOT supporting NAS devices moving forward. So. Still searching for a good UPNP server.....

Question - Feb 19th 2008 - Have you tried fuppes? I'm not going to pay for twonky and mediatomb was looking like the best option until your post above. Any idea how fuppes/uShare compare?

Bit of an answer from someone who didn't write this page - May 12th 08 - I'm using uShare at home. Memory usage is fine and my (Debian) slug can stream video to the xbox just fine. However I did try and set it loose on my music directory and it choked after 1000 songs

Another answer, Aug 21st 2008, I'm using uShare with 17500 songs and around 40 movies and it works like a charm! I'm also running on a Debian slug.

Aug 29th 2008 - Added Xbox360 section - I can confirm Twonky works fine - others need testing.

I installed linux_mtpcenter_2.0 from a tarball, using lighttpd and mysql. It's sluggish on 6000 songs but works OK as long as you disable the background picture generation. Video playback is fine, has shoutcast radio stations which work fine. It's another option anyway (although I think it's mostly a Syabas solution rather than a UPnP server). I tried running with Apache first, but that was so slow it was unusable (1 october 2008).

When using uShare with the D-Link Medialounge DSM-510 I receive error message 'Not authorized to browse this server.' However, it works flawlessly when the client is XBMC.

Nov 3rd 2008 Latest version of Twonky 5.01 is unable to handle my collection of >20000 songs, it runs out of memory. So I'm now in the process of trying all of the available media servers to find a replacement that is actively supported. Have tried Ushare, FireFly and MediaTomb, Ushare is the only one so far to cope with the number of songs. Ushare has also streamed DivX? to my Showcenter 200 and XBMC perfectly. If only it had a better web interface and was able to mimic the menu presentation of Twonky my search would be at an end.

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