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If you want any of the utilities (e.g. ftpd, strace, awk, bash, etc.) that aren't on the NSLU2's f/w, but are included in the Snapgear's source provided on the CD, simply do the following (on a Linux box):

  1. Copy the source over from the install CD that came with your NSLU2 (the directory is "Original Source"). You might need to rename it to get rid of the space ("Original_Source").
  2. Find a copy of ARM Linux toolchain for Snapgear. Look for this file on www.snapgear.org or elsewhere on the net.


    Note: Some have reported that the more recent version of the toolchain does not work with the older Snapgear sources. See the Yahoo groups archives.
  3. Follow the simple insructions in the file INTEL-IXDP425-HOWTO located in the Documentation directory of the Snapgear sources.
  4. During make xconfig, select that you want to customize the vendor/user settings. Under 'Application Configuration', you also need to select 'Y' for 'Customize Vendor/User Settings'. After you save and exit, another pop-up window will let you select which user apps (including games) that you want to build. I selected ftpd (which was off by default).
  5. Do make dep, then make per instructions. This may take a little while.
  6. Change into the romfs/ directory and you will find all of the target binaries and files (in my case, I wanted bin/ftpd and /etc/inetd.conf).
  7. Copy the files over to your NSLU2 and test. Worked for me.


Check out the compile lines for some of the utilities. You will see how, in a cross build environment, the makefiles use -nostdinc and multiple include (-I) file locations. You may want to make a note of all of the options in case you want to use the environment to port your own s/w.

I chose to use the original sources (3.0.0 v.s. 3.1.1) just in case there were incompatibilities with the existing libs on the NSLU2.

Not all user utilities/libraries are selected to be built in the default configuration. Also, not all utilities will build. For example, I got compile errors trying to build perl and python.

If you want a copy of the build that I did, go to the Yahoo groups download section ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nslu2-linux/files/ ) and get romfs.tar.gz.

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