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0. Intro.

    nslu2 cross development inside a sandbox,with full operation.
 You login the sbox,choose target_nslu2,then exec_method (emulation or cputransparency).
 Just compile any source,eventually with arm_patch found in openembedded/packages_openslug.
 then run it from this sbox !
  (cputransparency executes on real device,so far better than emulation ,such as qemu )

1. install scratchbox :core,lib ,toolchains

 using: http://scratchbox.org/debian/


 Scratchbox packages

Base (required):

  scratchbox-core - environment, common tools and host compiler
  scratchbox-libs - libraries required by core, devkits and toolchains

Development kits (optional):

  scratchbox-devkit-debian - environment and tools for Debian development
  scratchbox-devkit-doctools - document generation tools
  scratchbox-devkit-perl - additional Perl modules 

Toolchains (optional):

 2. Build armeb-toolchain  (nslu2. This builds only Dan Kegel toolchain)
   You can also build custom toolchain packages. See Scratchbox toolchains [5].
    http://scratchbox.org/wiki/CrossToolToolchain  'armv5b-softfloat'

    Start Scratchbox with command:
       $ /scratchbox/login
    Follow these steps to create a new cross-compilation target:
   Start sb-menu:
      [sbox-HOST: ~] > sb-menu
 3. Build device_tools   for armeb_target (needs to communicate/debug thru CPU_transparency with nslu2)  
    Device_tools:  sbrshd  fakemon  gdbserver,gdb (DDD)
    Download those src files into /scratchbox/packages
    Login scratchbox,select HOST then untar src ,select target armeb
    sbox> make sbrshd  to build this daemon
    fakemon needs to be patched with 
     and compile with 
     sbox-HOST>gcc-o ../lib/libfakeroot/libfakeroot-tcp.so.0.0.1 libfakeroot.c communicate.c -fPIC -DPIC -shared -lpthread -ldl -Wl,-soname -Wl,libfakeroot-tcp.so.0

for the rest about fakeroot,follow


   4. install on nslu2 side sbrshd ,gdbserver,openssh
      on PC side ssh,nfs,

   You obtain a beautiful scratchbox-armeb connected with nslu2 to play
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