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I realize that there are good reasons for Unslung to default to a disabled Telnet but there are other good reasons for it to come up enabled. I am running a sprinkler system inside an effective firewall and I don't really consider someone hacking a sprinkler system as a threat. Therefore I have created the following recipe that will cause the unit to boot with Telnet active.

The recipe is very simple.

First enable telnet via the web interface.


 cp /etc/inetd.conf /unslung

Create /unslung/rc.xinetd with the following content:

 cp /unslung/inetd.conf /etc
 return 1

Normally inetd.conf does not contain an entry for telnet and what the web interface does is add that line, kill inetd and then restart it. The above simply does the same thing at boot time.

CAUTION! Even though the web page still appears to activate and kill telnet, telnet will ALWAYS remain enabled - even when the web screen says it is disabled. Make sure you understand the security risks involved. For hardware bitbangers such as me the risk is tolerable. For those with any kind of sensitive information it would not be.

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