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Though a page exists for "How to add VGA Adaptor", I am creating a new page, since I have tried the exixting method and found it is obsolete and no more supported.

This "How-to" will help you to compile a new firmware and add VGA Adaptor.

I explain here the methods I have followed to do the same.

I have setup the openembedded build environment

Then, bitbake slugos-image downloaded and built upslug2

Once this is done, Connected the NSLU2 to my PC by peer-to-peer to avoid our LAN network congestion Set my IP- to

Booted the NSLU2 in Upgrade Mode. Ran upslug2.

Then upslug2 --target="XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX" --image="/path/to/tmp/deply/image/slugos-image.bin"

This will flash your existing firmware with the one you have built.

You can enable the build the sis

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