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Add a USB ADSL modem

This page is still being built. Please excuse the sloppy wiki-code

How to add a D-Link DSL-200 Rev.B1 USB ADSL modem.

You will need the following packages (which are in the Unslung-6.8 feed): Usb
kernel-module-ehci-hcd (built-in for Unslung-6.8)
kernel-module-usb-uhci (built-in for Unslung-6.8) TUN/TAP
kernel-module-tun PPP

Plus the following additional packages

 ppp (PPP daemon)

For PPPoE? you will also need:


You may also need extra synch .bin files:

  • Custom D-Link file from users.tpg.com.au/johnd/files/gs7470_synch999-00.bin (what I use)
  • Generic Nortek files from eciadsl.flashtux.org/index.php?lang=en

(Do NOT use kernel-module-pppoe: see eciadsl.flashtux.org/faq.php?faq_lang=en#q5.14 )

I connect to my ISP using PPPoE?. For info about PPPoA?, see eciadsl.flashtux.org

Essentially, you can just follow the instructions at eciadsl.flashtux.org/doc/dsl200.html You will need the following packages:

Based on info from:

  • wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/PPPoE?_Setup_with_pppd
  • eciadsl.flashtux.org/faq.php?lang=en#5.4
  • wiki.colinux.org/wiki/Getting_Started_with_coLinux_-_Long_manual
  • (etc)
  1. Get the packages


Download .ipk packages from _here_ (or read below to make them yourself)

OpenSlug / DebianSlug:

The packages you need may already be in your distribution. If ipkg install <package> doesn't work, and you can't find them at ipkgfind.nslu2-linux.org, you will have to build them as below.

  1. ipkg install *.ipk
  2. configure
 mknod /dev/net/tun c 10 200


  1. run


Setting up a build environment:

If you already have the packages or a native/cross-compile set up, skip this section. First, check the Howto nslu2-linux.org/wiki/MasterMakefile to see if your preferred set-up is already documented. I used Windows/CoLinux?. Here is what I did:

  1. read the howto
 * wiki.colinux.org/wiki/Getting_Started_with_coLinux_-_Long_manual
  1. download colinux
  1. configure colinux
 * choose debian rootfs
 * make a swapfile
 * increase filesystem size
 * (etc)
  1. start colinux
 * cd c:\path\to\colinux
 * colinux-daemon.exe -c colinux.xml
  1. set up non-root user
 * log in
 * adduser nslu2 (may need to apt-get adduser)
 * su nslu2
 * mkdir ~/slug
 * cd ~/slug
  1. set up the cross-compile environment
 * wget makefile
 * make setup-host-debian (you will be prompted for root password to install required .deb packages)
 * wget venge.net/monotone/downloads/monotone_0.28 (etc)

Building the packages yourself:

  1. Kernel modules

The following works for an Unslung-6.8 system cross-compiled under CoLinux?

  1. Make the kernel
 * cd ~/slug (or wherever you set up your environment)
 * make unslung-kernel
 * cd ~/slug/unslung/work/tmp/unslung-kernel-2.4.22.l2.3r63-r14
  1. Reconfigure the kernel
 * make menuconfig didn't work for me. If you want to play with it, remember to apt-get ncurses-dev.
 * cp defconfig defconfig.old
 * nano defconfig
  1. Remake the kernel with new config
 * cd ~/slug/unslung/tmp/stamps/
 * rm unslung-kernel-2.4.22.l2.3r63-r14.do_build
 * rm unslung-kernel-2.4.22.l2.3r63-r14.do_compile
 * rm unslung-kernel-2.4.22.l2.3r63-r14.do_configure
 * rm unslung-kernel-2.4.22.l2.3r63-r14.do_deploy
 * rm unslung-kernel-2.4.22.l2.3r63-r14.do_install
 * rm unslung-kernel-2.4.22.l2.3r63-r14.do_package
 * cd ~/slug
 * make unslung-kernel
 * the new <package>.ipk should be available in ~/slug/unslung/work/deploy/ipk/
  1. Apps
 * cd ~/slug (or wherever you set up your environment)
 * cd unslung
 * source ./setenv
 * bb <package> (eg, bb eciadsl)
 * the new <package>.ipk should be available in ~/slug/unslung/work/deploy/ipk/
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