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The IXP422 CPU has 16 General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins which are used to interface to external hardware. In the case of the FSG3, the GPIO pins are used to monitor the buttons, control the LEDs, connect to the RTC, IDE controller and USB 2.0 controller.

Note that the LEDs are controlled by some external controller - they are not directly connected to GPIOs.

GPIOIXP BallFunctionConnected to:Configured as:
GPIO[0]Y22  Input
GPIO[1]W21  Input
GPIO[2]AC26  Input
GPIO[3]AA24  Input
GPIO[4]AB26Sync Button (0 = Pushed) Input
GPIO[5]Y25PCI INTC (IRQ 22) Input
GPIO[6]V21PCI INTA (IRQ 23) Input
GPIO[7]AA26PCI INTB (IRQ 24) Input
GPIO[9]V22Reset Button (0 = Pushed) Input
GPIO[10]Y26Unplug Button (0 = Pushed) Input
GPIO[12]W26I²C SDARTC - SDAInput/Tristate
GPIO[14]U22  Input
GPIO[15]U25  Output
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