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When I try to upgrade the firmware on my NSLU2 it reports "No Space Left on Device", "Not enough Memory", or "upgrade: no enough free space" (sic).

If you are running with unmodified firmware, this is the result of the Linksys upgrade application thinking that the NSLU2 has run out of memory (it hasn't really - it's just being temporarily used for buffers and caching, and is still available for any programs that need it, but the Linksys upgrade application is not smart enough to know that). Turning off the NSLU2, removing ALL drives, rebooting without any disks connected and then going straight into the Admin webpage for the firmware upgrade should get rid of the error.

Received the "Not enough Memory" message while updating a brand new untouched NSLU2 with the latest Linksys firmware (NSLU2_V23R63.bin) from the Linksys support site. NSLU2 had no disks attached at the time. Followed the above advice and flash completed OK.

If all of the above still does not work, it may be due to a SLUG using an older Linksys FW. My 2nd SLUG had the .24 version and faced this issue even after a factory reset and going straight to the download page. Linksys has a help page that will walk you through upgrading to the .63 FW. Once I did this, upgrading to the Unslung FW was per the install guide.

I found something similar - when I tried to upgrade my V2.3R24 slug to Unslung, I got an dialog saying "upgrade: no enough free space" (sic). However, the Linksys help page linked to above recommends using EraseAll to install the R63 firmware... which is not only apparently dangerous (as per the page on this Wiki about EraseAll) but was, at least for me, unnecessary - I was able to install the R63 firmware from the R24 web admin pages without problems, and then installing Unslung on top of that worked as per the README.

While trying to upgrade from 2.3R24 to Debian/NSLU2 (di-nslu2.bin) I got the error "Upgrade: no enough free space." I was however able to upgrade to 2.3R63 successfully (without resetting the NSLU2), and with 2.3R63 installed, I could then upgrade to Debian/NSLU2.

2007-04-11, Trurl: I was trying to upgrade to unslung 6.8 from R72. But got a message "not enough memory". So I tried to downgrade to R63. But still receive the same message. So I decided (with Heart Beating Very Laud And Not Breathing At All) to use eraseall utility to downgrade to R63. And it worked out :-) (disk were not connected while re-booting the NSLU2 before using the utility). Then having NSLU2 with R63 installed I've upgraded to unslung 6.8 without any problems.

i have the same problem, i get that error when i try to upgrade to unsung 6.8. i am running the linsys V2.3R72 at the moment. i really do not want to use the erase all tool! i have tried rebooting and going straight to the admin page but i still get the error! what else can i do, i am able to telnet to the redboot, can i do it from there?

2007-12-31: I initially got the "no enough free space" error from the admin upgrade page running R72 and trying to install the debian image. Connecting a USB drive formated ext3 (the format utility on the factory slug will do the right thing) cleared the problem (FAT/NTFS did not work).

2008-02-09: I had the same problem when trying to upgrade my NSLU2 v1.2 with factory default firmware (V2.3R24) to V2.3R29 and V2.3R64 firmwares. The problem was solved by shutting down the NSLU2, removing the USB flash drive attached and booting up.

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