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How to correct the problem with Ready/Status LED where it won´t turn green and allow communication after upgrading with BETA 5.5

  1. Boot NSLU2 without HD attached
  2. Telnet in with root/uNSLUng (enable Telnet via Webinterface admin/admin)
  3. rm /.sd#1root <- # being a if you were unslung to disk 1 and b if you were unslung to disk 2 (disk 1 means /dev/sda1, storage media on port 1, disk 2 means /dev/sdb1, storage media on port 2)
  4. Reboot NSLU2 - again without HD attached
  5. Telnet in with root/uNSLUng (enable Telnet via Webinterface admin/admin)
  6. Plug in the USB disk
  7. Re-format via web interface, if needed. If not formatting, then just /sbin/unsling disk#. If formatted, wait until formatting is completed, then /sbin/unsling disk# in telnet session
  8. Reboot with drive attached

This should get you back to a booting NSLU2 with rootfs on the HD.

I got the following error when trying to unsling (step 7):

Error: /share/hdd/data is not a mounted disk

I solved this by doing

/bin/mount -t ext3 /dev/sda1 /share/hdd/data

After that it was possible to unsling and the NSLU2 did indeed come to life after rebooting. I was using Disk 1 so substitute sd1 with sdb1 if you are using Disk 2.

 - Tuk

After my Disk died, I tried to unsling to a new disk. Unslinging seemed to work OK, but I got the above symptoms when I tried to reboot with the Disk1 attached and powered on at boot.

It seems that (at least with uNSLUng V5.5) the unslinging process is a one-off thing. You can only successfully unsling once after a firmware reflash. Subsequent attempts to unsling will appear to work correctly, but you will not be able to boot and get to a "ready" status from the disk.

So after multiple unslinging attempts failed. I reflashed from V5.5 to V5.5, unslung the Disk1, and the reboot from Disk1 then work correctly.

 - Brian
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Based on work by mol and Tuk.
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