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How can I restore Samba on NSLU2 if it is no longer working?

  1. Turn NSLU2-HDD off
  2. Flash NSLU2 with original Linksys R25 firmware using telnet into RedBoot & use a TFTP server or use the SerComm upgrade protocol (see HowTo's)
  3. Reset sysconf (see HowTo's)
  4. Flash unslung-version of choice (e.g. 3.18) via webpage of NSLU2
  5. Telnet into NSLU2 after enabling telnet and login with standard password
  6. Turn HDD on
  7. Unsling again with "/sbin/unsling"
  8. Reboot

Now Samba should work again, your data on the HDD should be unchanged.

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