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Why are you still using R29 firmware? R63 is out.

Update: Unslung 6.8-beta has been released - now based on 2.3R63 Linksys Firmware. The following information remains on this page for historical value only.

Wishes to fullfil for Unslung 6.x:

More complete error checking for unsling scriptmwesterComplete - 6.8-beta
Replacement for unsling script (web version)mwesterwork in progress (marceln)
Better error messages from ipkg on flashmwesterComplete - 6.8-beta
Flash or disk status line in motdmwesterComplete - 6.8-beta
Indication of DHCP or fixed IP after bootmwesterto do
Template-based installationmwesterRejected, impractical due to space
A recomended base disk packagemarcelnto do
A web-based ipkgmarcelnOnly as package
Check ipkg connectionAdam Bakerto do
Dashboard/status infomwesterComplete, initial version - 6.8-beta
Merge slingbox/busyboxmarcelnRejected?

(Regarding the merge of slingbox and busybox, marceln writes:) I checked the size of a slingbox with all the functions but it is almost as big as both programs.

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