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OpenWrt and Xwrt fimware is supported by Optware-uClibcBuild and with Optware-brcm24Build.

OpenWrt has just under 2000 packages to choose from - about 1000 from Optware, and about 1000 from OpenWrt. OpenWrt is available in big-endian mode only, and uses a kernel and uClibc. If you want to do wireless or sophisticated routing, then you can't go past OpenWrt. It is also the only 2.6 kernel distro for the slug which has a web user interface (X-Wrt) included in the installation image. OpenWrt has a significant amount of internal flash left after installation (since uClibc uses so much less space than glibc), so it is very good for disk-less applications. You can also run it from an external storage device if you choose. If the external device fails, then either a reflash or a serial console is currently required for recovery.

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