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If you're trying to build OpenSlug from a monotone distribution and the procedure fails early during a compile step (mine broke while compiling libtool-native), please be sure you did not use a symbolic link to reach the build path (there is also a warning in the MasterMakefile page).

You may encounter such a situation if you preffer to use a separate disk for the slug build instead of using your home directory.

In my case I decided to have the slug directory on a separate disk:


and a link like:

ln -s /media/hdd1/slug ~/slug

from my home directory to the new location.

To be sure your build starts, use:

ilg@debian:~$ cd /media/hdd1/slug/

instead of:

ilg@debian:~$ cd slug

For the curious ones, some Make files use strict configure scripts that check if the build directory was moved from the location where configure was executed by comparing the given input source path with the `pwd`. When using symlinks, the later one returns the absolute path, different from the expected symlink-ed path, the script gets confused and breaks leaving something like this in the build logs:

configure: error: source directory already configured; run "make distclean" there first

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