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Reading the MAC address sticker:

The base of the NSLU2 case has serial number and MAC address barcode stickers. The MAC address is shown in the form LKGxxyyzz where x, y and z are uppercase hexadecimal digits (i.e. { 0..9, A..F }). These hexadecimal digits are the last three octets of the unit's MAC address. The first three octets have been reported as various blocks including 00:13:10, 00:0f:66, 00:04:5A and 00:14:bf, so the full mac address *may* be 00:13:10:xx:yy:zz.

Thus, a better way is to boot the NSLU2 while running "arping -f", as described on the TelnetIntoRedBoot page. As soon as the arping command completes, you can see the MAC address in the output of "arp -na | grep". Then, verify that the last three bytes correspond to those on your sticker.


On my NSLU2_UK box, use a browser go to and enter the admin screen. Select the 'Status' menu option and at the bottom of the window select the 'details' button. This will produce a screen including the MAC address information

Hardware Address: aa:bb:cc:xx:yy:zz

Where xx,yy and zz are the details on the bar-code sticker and the full MAC address is aa:bb:cc:xx:yy:zz

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