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ipkg update doesn't work

Symptoms: ipkg_download: ERROR: Command failed with return value 1: `wget --passive-ftp -q -P /tmp/ipkg-x3a5K1 http://ipkg.nslu2-linux An error ocurred, return value: 1.

These errors can be cause by two things. 1) DNS is unreachable and 2) you have an http proxy.

Simple solution: It is easy to miss a DNS setting. Revert network and slug to default settings. If you overlooked a DNS setting previously reverting to defaults may eliminate the problem.

Default settings should be as follows:

Router IP - <>
Subnet <>
Slug IP: <>
Subnet <>
Default port 80

If these settings do not make a difference consider the following file edits.

DNS is unreachable

Bcrowell found that on his linux box, it seemed to work if he did an "nslookup," and to the DNS server address from the first line of output.
Solution: Make sure your netmasks and gateway information are set properly. If they are and you're running an own dhcp server on your LAN, see that there's a line like option domain-name-servers dns.ip.address.here, 2nd.ip.address.here; in your /etc/dhcpd.conf file.
Solution: If you have a windows box, bring up a command line and type "ipconfig /all." Note the gateway and DNS server numbers. Go to the Linksys slug setup page ("Administration," then "LAN") and make sure you have entered the proper network mask, gateway (usually the same IP as your router) AND DNS servers.

You have an http proxy

Solution: You need to configure ipkg to go through the proxy. This is done through the file /etc/ipkg.conf, but the standard unSlung installation doesn't have a sample file.
For a simple proxy, a single line option http_proxy http://proxy.ip.address.here:proxy_port will do the job (mine needs option http_proxy
For a proxy that needs username, password etc. you'll need more - look at the ipkg documentation at http://handhelds.org/moin/moin.cgi/Ipkg and the sample file http://openwrt.org/ipkg/ipkg.conf.
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