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Why does the system report that a previously formatted drive is not formatted or that the drive is a different size than expected

This generally occurs when a USB hub is utilized. In it's current state the NSLU2 Unslung kernel only supports two drives, one on each port. Several USB devices may appear to the NSLU2 as multiple drivers and this confuses the Unslung kernel. A common example is having a printer with a flash card slot plugged into a USB hub along with a hard disk. In this case, there is a high chance that the web interface will incorrectly report the drive as "Not Formatted" because it is looking at the flash card slot in the printer instead of the expected hard disk. DO NOT WORRY. Your drive and it's data is intact and to fix this you just need to disconnect the conflicting devices (in this case the printer) and restart the NSLU2.


[I think when the drive beeps and emails you that it's getting full, you should take that crankiness seriously, or it will eat your foot.]

A user on linksysinfo.org reported filling up HD 1 "to capacity (while still putting more data on it). All of a sudden NSLU2 vanished from the netowrk."

After a reboot, HD2? (sic) was "unrecognized (disk not formatted)."

He fixed it with a partition manager. (Apparently partitions get hosed.)

Happened with me too just recently, and I've spent the better part of several days trying to "reconstruct" the files and folders so that the NSLU2 will recognize the disks again. (I somehow lost both partitions...)

Ordinarily (Unslung 5.5), there are three partitions: sd[ab]1 (the LARGE one), sd[ab]2 (the smaller one), and sd[ab]3 (a swap equal in size to sd[ab]2.

I was going along my merry way trying to make Samba work (after several days there too) when I got the notion that "Maybe what I'm needing is a reboot." After that, both partition tables were (I had to ipkg install util-linux to get cfdisk, sfdisk and fdisk because the one in Unslung phreaked--in fact, reading elsewhere suggests it's a been bastardized to delete the partition table and recreate it when run... where was I? oh yes, "both partition tables were") hosed, each showing a single partition using all blocks.

The (partial) fix was to delete that partition and copy the partition sizes from a (luckily) similar setup, but running Unslung 6.8.

However, my /dev/sd[ab]2 contents were gone, but poking around I found the info that /share/flash/conf [beware, in your case might be hdd/conf] needs to have especial contents for the OS to recognize a drive is attached.

I got one of them to be recognized, and I can boot of that one (/share/flash/), and that involved editing conf/share/share.info & conf/share/smb.conf to match the shares and users and passwords (both Unix and SMB) I'd defined long ago. (You are backing up your conf/ dir right?)

I'll probably blow away the 5.5 install with 6.8, but did really rather hope to do without risking all those files, which are nevertheless backed up.

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