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  • Your NSLU2 does not boot from the hard disk any more and the top light stays off.
  • If you boot without a disk and connect a disk it is not automatically recognized or mounted

Solution 1 - Quick, disk data is unchanged.

Do the following:

  • boot the NSLU2 without a disk
  • login as root (root/uNSLUng if you use the standard password)
  • check if there are two processes running with the name USB_Detect
  • if USB_Detect is running this will probably not help. If you encounter that and find a solution, please mention it here.
  • if not, go to /var/run
  • in this dir there is a file called usb_det.pid; it probably has an older date than the other files in the dir
  • remove this file. do the same in /var.state/run/ if it has a usb_det.pid
  • reboot

Solution 2 - Requires a new unsling, may stop some things working.

This worked for me:

  • reboot the slug with no drives
  • telnet in and remove the "/.unslung" and "/.sd??root" files on the internal flash
  • reboot once again
  • telnet in again, attach the external flash drive, and "unsling" it again.
  • reboot with the flash drive attached; all should be well this time.

Thanks to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nslu2-linux/message/10837

I had very similar symptoms on disk2 only (unslung 5.5). Tried the above steps with no luck, even though USB_Detect was not running.

With help from folks at the IRC channel we found that the directories /share/flash/data and /share/flash/conf were missing. To fix:

mkdir /share/flash/data

mkdir /share/flash/conf

chown admin:everyone /share/flash/data

chmod 755 /share/flash/conf

chmod 775 /share/flash/data

I then manually mounted the drive partitions and it looked good. I rebooted and they were automatically mounted and working.


I had a similar problem when trying to initially unsling to drive 1 using 6.8 as I have 2 natively formated drives. I had to telnet into the slug and manually mount /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2 before I was able to unsling my SLUG. Prior to this my slug was showing the drive in the GUI with the wrong size but correct EXT format and would fail trying to unsling. I would receive errors that the drive was not mounted. After mounting the drives the GUI showed the correct size and everything went well after that.

I have a Western Digital MyBook Essential 500GB I bought with my NSLU2 in Nov 2006. From time to time the NSLU2 just does not boot up - only the ethernet light is on and the slug freezes - I have to unplug the power connector. Then it boots up normaly again - very strange. This happens with Unslung 6.8 and original Linksys firmware v23RA5. - Anguel Stankov


I also have a Western Digital MyBook Essential 500GB, one in this case, and had problems unslinging to disk1. I had formatted the drive with the original Linksys firmware. When I tried to unsling the disk was detected properly, but had the wrong size. Mounting it with mount /dev/sdb1 gave the correct size, but the unsling script reported that the drive was not formatted correctly. Reformatting the drive from the NSLU Admin page did not fix this (seems to be some kind of quickformat). So I connected the drive to my Windows PC, removed all partitions from it, and created a new NTFS partition. Next, I connected it to the slug again as described in the unsling procedure. Next, I formatted it from the web page. Now the unsling script worked fine. Note: if you follow this procedure, make sure you have no data on your disk!

I am running Unslung 6.8 from a 1Gb Flash Drive. One day the slug stopped responding to ssh logins so I checked and found i was running from internal flash.

I used solution 1, but didn't find a /var.state/run/ folder.

After that, rebooted with the flash drive in again and everything was ok. The only thing I had to do was manually restart the ssh service once the slug had rebooted.

really thanks this page, the solution one works for me. I delete the usb_det.pid file, and reboot, then everything is okays now, my flash disk(FAT) now recognized in port 2. My version is V2.3R29-uNSLUng-5.5-beta. Without this solution, I have to manually telnet to the box, manually mount, edit smb.conf, and restart samba. (For the time being, I have no root disk yet)

I had the SLUG lock up sometime around midnite (two different days). It is running V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.8-beta on a 60GB Maxtor USB2, with NTPCLIENT, VSFTPD, and BUSYBOX optware installed, and running at 266mhz. I also have a smb mount point from a windows workstation. Both times the system lost the ability to show 'date', 'who', 'uptime', 'ls' or any other command. I rebooted (power cycle), and it was unable to boot from the disk, and the disk was not connected (led out). I was able to finally get the system to boot from the system, using this method, without re-unslinging:

 1) Shut NSLU2 Down
 2) Switch off USB disk and disconnect USB cable
 3) Turn on NSLU2
 4) Enable Telnet
 5) Login with Root
 6) Perform 'df' to see what is mounted
 7) type 'sh'
 8) type 'mount -t ext3 /dev/sda1 /mnt/tmpmnt' (For USB2 disk)
 9) type 'df' see what got mounted
 10) type 'ls /mnt/tmpmnt' (see if your files are here, may take awhile)
 11) type 'umount /mnt/tmpmnt' (may take awhile)
 The GUI showed that the disk was not formatted. But it was and should be.
 12) type 'mount -t ext3 /dev/sda1 /share/flash/data'
 13) type 'mount -t ext3 /dev/sda1 /share/flash/conf'
 14) type 'df' (The mount points should show up)
 15) type 'ls /share/flash/data' (Files still here, right?)
 Ok, perhaps the disk is bonked and needs a 'scandisk'
 16) type 'fsck.ext3 -y -f -v /dev/sda1' (Clean this disk up, fix inodes, force updates)
 You may see a bunch of items that get fixed. Hopefully it corrects your problem.
 17) type 'df' (the disk should still be here)
 18) Finally, perform a GUI reboot. All should be well. If not, you may have other problems.

This worked for me. Not sure why the disk gets boogered, perhaps it is the cron jobs to get the dyndns.org address, or the smbmount. Good Luck.

I have a LaCie? 500GB HDD I bought with my NSLU2 just a couple of days ago (Jan 2008). From time to time the NSLU2 does not recognize the disk - only the ethernet light is on. This happens also when I boot without the HDD attached and then try to plug it in. Both USB_Detect processes are running! Solution: Power off NSLU2. Then Power off the hard disk (it does not have a button just plug the HDD out) and then reboot with the HDD attached - very strange. This happens with Unslung V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.10-beta and original Linksys firmware v23RA5. I will try to investigate further...

I too had a similar issue whilst using OpenSlug, in which USB flashdrives and HDDs? wouldn't be recognised on boot or when plugged in - in the end, I was getting ready to return it to Linksys, having assumed the USB ports had gone, but following http://www.nslu2-linux.org/wiki/HowTo/ResetSysConf completely fixed the issue, so if you're not getting any USB activity out of your slug, you might want to try that before giving up!

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