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How to determine that rootfs really exist on the USB disk after unslinging

Filesystem1k-blocksUsedAvailableUse%Mounted on

This is taken (with the command df) from a freshly Unslung NSLU2 with 10GB USB disk. If the size of rootfs (9512992) and / on /dev/sda1 (which is my USB disk on port 1) reflects the size of your disk's data partition (/share/hdd/data), then you are good.

More readable disksizes: If you have a hard time interpreting the size and are more comfortable with Kbytes and Mbytes, use the command 'df -h' (h stands for human-readable). Sample output would look like this:

FilesystemSizeUsedAvailableUse%Mounted on

BTW, this is output of an OpenSlug 2.5-beta NSLU2.

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