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I can't telnet to my newly Unslung NSLU2. Why not? I thought that Unslung enabled telnet, and that the root password was set to uNSLUng?

OK, here's the deal. If you flash the Unslung firmware with NO disks attached (as you should), and THEN EnableTelnetThroughTheWebInterface (STILL with NO disks attached, as explained in the README) and then telnet to the IP address of the NSLU2 (STILL with NO disks attached, and telneting to Linux, NOT to RedBoot), you will be able to log in as "root" with the password "uNSLUng" (as long as there are STILL NO disks attached).

BUT, as soon as you plug a disk in, the password will CHANGE to whatever password is stored (in MULTIPLE places) on the disk. And this other password (which you probably don't know, and neither do we) may even PERSIST after you unplug the disk (as it may have been automatically copied into the root filesystem which is now in the internal flash in Unslung 3.x).

So you either need to change that root password (using the ChangePasswordsFromTheCommandLine instructions because simply editing the /etc/passwd file is NOT enough to make it stick, see also this FAQ entry) AND follow the instructions in DiversionScripts to permanently enable telnet, OR install and configure the dropbear or OpenSSH package.

NOTE: If you have a used slug it might have an unknown ip address. The sercomm tool can still find it but you can't ping it once it is booted. You can reset your slugs ip address by pressing and holding in the reset button for 10 seconds after it has finished booting up. (this only works with the linksys software installed)

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