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When adding a brand new disk straight out of the retail box to my slug, I noticed Unslung would not format it. The web status would go to formatting, and then quickly return to "Not Formatted". This is because the first time it runs, it executes the fdisk command, but the new partition changes are not noticed until the machine is rebooted. The easy way to fix this is to:

  1. Attach new disk
  2. Click format
  3. Reboot the slug
  4. Click format again.

One way to make sure that formatting is completed prior to rebooting is to get an enclosure that shows disk activity. Do not reboot while there is disk activity. Then reboot and click format again.

2008.05.14, Walter Vos: this worked perfectly for me! I've also managed to format it by plugging it into the other USB port (1 instead of 2).

2007.03.10, Trurl: My case (v23R72, Seagate 500MB): a disk works fine if formatted into NTFS. But canít be formatted under NSLU2: disk formatting takes about 20..30 minutes (disk works very hard). After that a slug hangs up (web interface does not respond). After hard reset of NSLU2 (soft turn off/on doesnít work) I find disk "No formatted" but already divided into three partitions (two are small & one is big). The above solution doesnít work.

I have changed a router to WRT54GS. I have changed an enclosure to another one - still have the same problem.

Then Iíve checked the disk health (HD Tune utility under WinXP). It seems that the disk had bad sectors which were not recognized during formatting into NTFS (under WinXP). Strange...

Iíve sent the disk to the seller (it was a new one). The I will try to format next disk after its replacement...

2007.04.10, Trurl: I've got a new disk instead of the old one (the same model). Now everything works great! I mean I can format the disk without problems. So the reason was the broken disk.

2007.4.29, dlumberg: I couldn't get My 1GB flash disk to format for trying. I finally went to http://www.ntfs.com/quest22.htm followed the directions to format it as NTFS, then the format utility formatted it no problem.

2008.04.19, bluebear: The same with me. I have a 4GB flash disk from Intenso. I have also tried the formatfix-guide located at Unslung.FailedFormatFix, but it didn't work. In the end the problem was solved by the solution of dlumberg: Formatting with NTFS and then formatting with the web tool.

So this USB Stick definitely works on my slug with Unslung 6.10 beta: On the slug try

# dmesg | grep Vendor
  Vendor: Ut165     Model: USB2FlashStorage  Rev: 0.00

I don't know though if the dmesg command outputs are enough specific to identify a stick, but at least this is the output when I type the command and may help you identifying a working stick.

2008.09.09, MarkHu?: Under Mac OSX, I was able to use the GUI Disk Util to re-partition my balky USB flash drive, thus enabling the slug to format it ext3.

2008.12.01, hwlester: Same issue with the SanDisk? Cruzer Micro Skin 4GB I picked up from Wal-Mart on Black Friday:

# dmesg | grep Vendor
  Vendor: SanDisk   Model: Cruzer Micro      Rev: 8.01

After seeing this post, I formatted it as NTFS and was able to format it using the NSLU2's GUI after that.

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Based on work by hwlester, MarkHu, Walter Vos, bluebear, dlumberg, fcarolo, Trurl, and AM.
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