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The commit comments need to be in this form(This is mandatory from now on):

<package name> | <package category> | <configfile/class name>: <summary> { - <detail>}*

The first line will be used as the subject in the mail to oe-commits <at> , the optional details will only appear in the mail body.

For the first part there are three options:

<package name>: Use the package name if you've worked on one package

<package category>: Use this for several package that are closely linked

                    together (e.g. EFL)

<configfile/class name>: For changes that affect files in conf/ or

                         classes/ you should use the filename of the 

<summary>: short summary of what you have done. Brevity rules here. When a package is initially added, include a brief description in the summary.

The details part is optional:

<detail>: You can list details on the individual steps involved. This is

          particularly useful if you want to explain why you applied
          certain changes.

Neither the summary nor the details part should contain any comments on your own comments, i.e. things like "how did that happen?", "why did I forget that again!", "*<IRC style action description>*" don't add any real information, omit those.

Example: openslug-packages: Remove duplicate icecast - It should only be in BROKEN, since it currently is.

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