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Much of this is based on the work of EfFeM? from InstallWinTVPVRUSB2.

This page is to describe the installation of the Happauge WinTV? PVR USB2? on a Linksys NSLU2 that is running OpenDebianSlug.

1/ setup OpenDebianSlug

2/ Install Hotplug

 apt-get install hotplug

3/ Get the driver and support modules

a/ aquire them from your recent build from openslug/tmp/deploy/ipk or b/ wget them from the openslug ipkg repository (http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/openslug/cross/2.6-beta/ or similar)

The modules you need are:


4/ Install them

 dpkg --force-all -i \
 pvrusb2-mci_20050911-r0_nslu2.ipk \
 kernel-module-v4l1-compat_2.6.12.2-r17.1_nslu2.ipk \
 kernel-module-v4l2-common_2.6.12.2-r17.1_nslu2.ipk \
 kernel-module-videodev_2.6.12.2-r17.1_nslu2.ipk \

This step is quite ugly and can/will be integrated more neatly with Step 3 at a later time

5/ Extract the device firmware from the Windows software CD that came with the device

See details at http://www.isely.net/pvrusb2-utils.html.

 wget 'http://www.isely.net/downloads/pvrusb2-mci-20060107.tar.bz2'
 tar xjf pvrusb2*.tar.bz2
 cd pvrusb2*
 cd utils
 mkdir win_driver
 cp /cdrom/HCWUSB2?.sys win_driver

You will now have two files, pvrusb2.f1 and pvrusb.f2

You may get files that are names as follows


You can either rename the files or copy them to the firmware directory and symbolically link them to the proper names.

Here are how they match up

 v4l-pvrusb2-29xxx-01.fw (8192 bytes) -->  pvrusb2.f1
 v4l-cx2341x-enc.fw (262144 bytes) -->  pvrusb.f2

6/ Copy these two files to the hotplug firmware directory on the Slug..

 scp pvrusb2.f{1,2} slug:/usr/lib/hotplug/firmware

7/ Start hotplug or reboot

8/ Hotplugging the PVRUSB2? should load the firmware and start the Device; you can verify status messages using dmesg

9/ Test!

 cat /dev/video0 > /some/place/on/disk/testfile.mpg

you should be able to play that file on anything that understands MPEG2? files - mplayer, xine, totem etc.

10/ You can change the channel and do other various things by setting flags in /sys/class/pvrusb2/ctl_* (see the "Sysfs Interface" section at http://www.isely.net/pvrusb2.html). For example:

 # cd /sys/class/pvrusb2/sn-*
 # cat ctl_input/enum_val
 # echo composite > ctl_input/cur_val

This switches to the composite input. Another useful one is ctl_signal_present which you can look at to see if it has detected any video.

Apart from that, I dont know how to control this device via software; but that is in the works!

UPDATE for Debianslug 3.10 beta.

(21 sept 2006)

0/ install debianslug

1/ run "apt-get install hotplug" to install hotplug

2/ get these files from http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/debianslug/cross/3.10-beta/:


Note: there is some confusion about which of these are really needed. It depends on your pvrusb2. Some revisions need other modules. Mine is Rev D157 for PAL and SECAM.

3/ install them with dpkg -i --force-all. The warnings about "package architecture (ixp4xxle) does not match system (arm)" and some failed dependencies are normal and can be ignored.

4/ run:

 modprobe firmware-class 
 modprobe videodev 
 modprobe tuner 
 modprobe tveeprom  
 modprobe v4l1-compat 
 modprobe msp3400
 modprobe v4l2-common 
 modprobe saa7115 
 modprobe pvrusb2

5/ follow the instructions from http://www.isely.net/pvrusb2/setup.html#Firmware and copy the 2 firmwarefiles to /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware/.

6/ plug in the pvrusb2, wait for 5 seconds and check the dmesg-output. It should contain about 100 lines starting with "pvrusb2:". Congrats.

My NSLU2 locks up ten minutes after using the PVRUSB2? driver if I have the Debian ntp-server package loaded. This happens even if the server is killed; the crash happens if it has ever run since boot. You may like to avoid this package in combination with the PVRUSB2?.

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Based on work by mrkzander, pumpkin, and endecotp.
Originally by dyoung.
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