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This small howto should explain how to make the kernel/modules for the Dallas One-Wire USB/serial gadgets

The main issue is, that the kernel maintainers haven't included in the kernel the standard Kconfig, which exists in the i386 etc. kernels.

But it is really easy to fix.

after the step of make update enter the directory ~/slug/openembedded/packages/linux/ixp4xx-kernel/2.6.15 and add a file with the name: 97-dallas-one-wire.patch with the following content:

*** linux-     2006-02-24 08:51:30.000000000 +0100
--- linux-     2006-02-24 08:51:15.000000000 +0100
*** 730,735 ****
--- 730,737 ----

  source "drivers/i2c/Kconfig"

+ source "drivers/w1/Kconfig"
  source "drivers/hwmon/Kconfig"

  #source "drivers/l3/Kconfig"

and edit the file defconfig and add ( preferrably after the I2C module configs ) the following lines:

# Dallas's 1-wire bus  

finally go up two directory levels, and edit the file ixp4xx-kernel_2.6.15.3.bb and at its end add the line:

IXP4XX_PATCHES += "file://97-dallas-one-wire.patch;patch=1"

That done, it is enough to simply continue with make debianslug-image and flash your kernel and bootstrap your system as normally.

Don't forget, you have to do that for every new kernel, until it gets fixed in the arm-architecture

So after a make update you might be again without the modules, and as usually, ymmv.

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