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Successful BuildDebianSlug debootstrap list:

Date 1st InstalledUserCommentCount
June 2005PeterKorsgaard?Initial bootstrap work1
2 Jan 2005BrandonPhilipsWorks great!2
2 Jan 2006jstueveup and running apt-get from normal debian lists, upgrade dist-upgrade worked, installed LAMP no problems3
2 Jan 2006whalywebmail4
6 Jan 2006jeanfabriceSarge distro5
12 Jan 2006PatrickSchneiderInstalled sid from BuildDebianSlug, no problems!6
12 Jan 2006cherrytreeproductionthx 2 the precompiled image of PatrickSchneider? -> installed Sid7
13 Jan 2006ErichFocht?Installed debian sid from self compiled BuildDebianSlug, works great!8
13 Jan 2006AnakinIn my Super-Slug: openslug->Debian(BE)->...and now...->DebianSlug(LE) great! I love this little boy. :) rtorrent from Debian ARM works! amuledaemon works too. :D9
14 Jan 2006eFfeMNice piece of work! Thanks!10
14 Jan 2006NAiL?TurboSlug with LE Debian Sid. Brilliant.11
15 Jan 2006John AugustProblem with renaming of files, a shock to see needed 2.6G. But boostrap instructions superb, it just worked ! Sad so few things are like that12
15 Jan 2006franz_ksfrom BE to LE-DebianSlug, worked like a charm, will reinstall asterisk, dbox recorder, etc.13
16 Jan 2006emm_isEasy install if you follow the wiki (df reports 300Mb)14
17 Jan 2006joeyhLE Debian15
17 Jan 2006BrianZhouLE sid on TurboSlug, thx for the gr8 work!16
19 Jan 2006Heiko LippmannLE on TurboSlug, now I've got one with OpenDebianSlug (BE) and one with DebianSlug (LE), both working fine, thank you all for the excellent work!17
21 Jan 2006Patrik SundbergLE sid. Compiled under coLinux. No problems to follow instructions.18
22 Jan 2006Steve BennettLE sid on TurboSlug. Excellent!19
23 Jan 2006ÜbergeekLE sarge on TurboSlug, compiled under coLinux! Thnx for all the hard work! -- 21 Feb 2006: new disk w/ LE sid distro - even easier now with all the wiki updates!20
31 Jan 2006AntikristianLE sid on TurboSlug with 250gb maxtor , compiled with Master Makefile.21
1 Feb 2006Sinclair73LE sid with 6gb 2.5" hdd , compiled with Master Makefile under SUSE 10.22
1 Feb 2006Simon JosefssonFollowed BuildDebianSlug and uploaded it on a brand new slug using UpSlug2?. Had some troubles using a Debian mirror (didn't carry arm port), and had to fix gpgv complaints manually. Kudos.23
3 Feb 2006Rasjid WilcoxLE sarge working fine. Fantastic!24
3 Feb 2006Andy CaterLE sid working fine. Good instructions no obvious problems with debootstrap25
6 Feb 2006marcusbLE sid.26
8 Feb 2006Juli Entrena PerezIt's nice to have Debian in the little NSLU2 :-)27
8 Feb 2006MarzelpanLE sid on TurboSlug, running Apache2, Subversion, Postfix, MySQL?28
9 Feb 2006JoschkopfSid running on a 128MB Turboslug, after initial problem with memory (had to modify kernel) all works great! :)29
9 Feb 2006rebelbrethrenLE sid on TurboSlug. running amuled, rtorrent, tor, various proxies, rawdog and more! Some problems with LED control but runs great. Future plans involve using a usb-2-serial adaptor with an X10 Home Automation system30
17 Feb 2006whaakDebian sid on NSLU2. It works fine. Excellent. No problems to following the manual.31
20 Feb 2006Luis GutierrezDebianslug on 266 MHz? NSLU2,running apache, postfix, nagios32
23 Feb 2006STAnother proud member of the LE Sid family. (Colinux->BuildDebianSlug).33
23 Feb 2006namtokDebian(LE)etch on the TurboSlug ; the wiki is brilliant ; kudos and thanks to all ; terrific ...34
24 Feb 2006AnguaDebianslug on the NLSU, LE, sid, works like a charm, just finding out how to make the Dallas one-wire modules was a bit of a pain...35
25 Feb 2006Sebastian KreyLE etch on this great piece of hardware, works perfect and great performance (after deunderclocking)36
1 Mar 2006quitschiboooLE Sid on deundercocked Slug, running TwonkyMedia?.Great! Best for NSLU237
1 Mar 2006whbDebian LE Sid, works great! Thx to EvilDevil? for the image & support and to the authors of the HowTo for excellent documentation.38
1 Mar 2006ageWorks nice with DebianSlug and also Debian Installer on a SD-Card. I wrote a German howto: https://systemausfall.org/wikis/howto/DebianSlug - Debian World tion ;)39
2 Mar 2006gorneadebianslug on 266 MHz? NSLU2: Fantastic! Very impressive work! Great documentation!40
3 Mar 2006thekloneLE sid on a TurboSlug and 1GB flashdrive.41
9 Mar 2006sherpyaInstalling... Debian on a 266Mhz - 1GB flash - Fresh made 2.6.16 kernel42
9 Mar 2006JohannesI had some issues building the tarball and my USB-Ethernet-Adapter didn't work with the nslu. But in the end it finally works great!43
10 Mar 2006jensLE Slug and Debian SID: It workes very fine! Thanks everybody for making this possible! I love it. :-)44
19 Mar 2006Don LubinskiDebian on NSLU2: Looks good so far45
20 mar 2006rssDebian in NSLU246
21 Mar 2006thenickDebian lüpt. Thx for all47
24 Mar 2006kameit00Almost no problems while installing debian on my NSLU248
25 Mar 2006snauthIt took me 16 hours, but that was just me, I guess - and of course it is worth it. Thanks to evil devil who did his best to assist me in the process.49
1 May 2006ChrisWatts?LE Slug and Debain SID running on NFS mounted root. (Followed instructions to install LE and adjusted for NFS root as per OpenDebianSlug instructions)50
3 May 2006PrometeuxLE Debian Slug running on 80GB root disk, torrent client, web server, surveillance kit 24H/7D at week :P51
4 May 2006MikeLE Debian Slug running on 512MB USB-Stick. Thx!52
7 May 2006Jim DrashLE Debian Slug (latest alpha build). 266Mhz running on 160GB root disk, shorewall, squid, squidGuard (dansguardian was too much of a resource hog), network printer, samba. using Linksys USB NIC with the "asix" driver53
9 May 2006heibaLE DebianSlug (sid) running on 512MB USB-Stick and on NFS root for testing54
18 May 2006PPswitched from OpenDebianSlug to LE DebianSlug (sid) through debian-installer (and back to OpenDebianSlug, as the DebianSlug is so breakable -- waiting for SlugOS3?...)55
31 May 2006tenfootLE Debian Slug (alpha build) on flash card. Mail, wiki, web, overnight downloader, apt repository, print server. 266Mhz. MA111? wireless with linux-wlan-ng56
12 Jun 2006GLC - Gerald ClarkLE Debian Slug 3.10 Beta57
13 Jun 2006welbodebianslug 3.10 Beta sarge58
15 Jun 2006John BerthelsGreat instructions. Now my (turbo) slug is a low-power always-on server. 320Gbyte of usb goodness.59
18 Jun 2006AntemaroDebianslug 3.10 Beta Sid on a TurboSlug with a 512MB usbkey. Less than 2 hours to install. That's marvelous !60
18 Jun 2006Ilias GanisEasy and useful! Great Manual! Thanks!61
20 Jun 2006Johan SvedbergDebian on the NSLU2, just wonderful!62
21 Jun 2006PepeszDebianSlug 3.10 Beta 'Sid' with Bootstrap63
27 Jun 2006downlalawayDebianSlug 3.10 Beta unstable with Bootstrap. Good install guide -excellent & thanks to all. Now running icewm through vncserver, apache, webmin, samba cups, nut (networked UPS), sane scanner server, snmp data to a debian Linkstation.64
04 Jul 2006CachupingDebianSlug 3.10 'Sid' LE with Bootstrap. The ftp.debian.org mirror does not have all udeb for the bootstrap, use the german .de. mirror of the debootstrap howto. Dropbear didnt start, i had to install openssh-server. Works great!!!! Thanks65
06 Jul 2006mindbenderDebianSlug 3.10 'Sid" with Bootstrap. Everything worked like a charm. Mainly use it for Samba + Kernel-NFS (dbox2),FTP-Server and download-machine (wget4web)66
07 Jul 2006beangoDebianSlug 3.10 'Sid' with bootstrap. Moving from OpenDebianSlug67
12 Jul 2006lucaLE 'sid' on 266MHz slug. Works great!68
14 Jul 2006ianwbootstrap to LE 'sid'. thanks to all the developers who made this possible69
19 Jul 2006120Debian 'sarge' on the NSLU2 . overclock to 266 MHz?70
24 Jul 2006ulfsDebianSlug 3.10 'sid' on the NSLU2 . overclock to 266 MHz?71
25 Jul 2006ygfpersonDebianSlug 3.10 'sid' on the NSLU2, overclocked to 266MHz. had problems when i erased the rc entries in /etc/inittab instead of the tty entries like the directions said, but everything's fine now72
25 Jul 2006Tony RodriguezDebianSlug 3.10 'sid' with Bootstrap from ftp.de.debian.org . Only one issue to report. The first time i ran ./usr/sbin/debootstrap <args> it seems that just downloaded the files and went to shell. I needed to run it again to get the files installed. After that, everything was flawless. It's working perfectlly now.73
28 Jul 2006maxDebianSlug 3.10 'sid' on the NSLU2. With ixp400_eth (and ixp400) loaded load average rises up to ~ 1.X :o(. unloading xp400_eth (and ixp400) brings load down to 0.0X (using ftdi_sio, and kermit on the other side).74
29 Jul 2006TahitibobDebianSlug 3.10 'sid' apache2/sqlite/php/mpd - SoundBlaster? External USB (I will try to enable the remote control)/LaCie? Porsche Disk 200Go(with Spindown).I use the slug as VCR and jukebox for freebox(set top box)75
30 Jul 2006bartek wilczynskiDebianSlug 3.10 'sid' for my "home server"76
30 Jul 2006Austin SchuhDebianSlug 3.10 'sid' for a network harddrive, and mail77
1 Aug 2006Ahmad KhayyatDebianSlug 3.10 'testing' on Maxtor OneTouch? 250GB. Running web server (lighttpd), mail server (fetchmail, maildrop, dovecot imaps), print server (CUPS), file server (nfs), backup server (rdiff-backup) and UPS monitor (apcupsd), and monitored by gkrellmd with gkrelltopd plugin.78
10 Aug 2006Lionel GarcíaDebianSlug 3.10 'sid' for BackupPC?, emule & torrent client, dynamic ip with no-ip, 250GB hard drive79
12 Aug 2006barnseyboyDebianSlug 3.10 'sid' for torrent client, thttpd, audio and video streaming, 400GB hard drive80
13 Aug 2006GettonsJust installed into my nslu2 and it worsk perfectly!!!The power of debain is all around81
15 Aug 2006Dennis YepesDebianSlug 3.10 Sid for FTP, samba server, and soon to be torrent client through torrentflux! 160GB hard drive82
18 Aug 2006Robin CorneliusDebianSlug 3.10 Sid, RT2x00? wireless developer going to try to get ralink devices running on ARM arch83
24 Aug 2006VickyDebianSlug Sarge with apache, php and mysql and still growing. Took about 3 hours to be up and running. Thanks to the developers! Excellent doc.84
24 Aug 2006Phillip LiDebianSlug 3.10 Sid on 266Mhz overclocked slug with 1GB flash drive. I'm amazed that there is NO NOISE even at night with this set up. I'm using it for SSH tunneling, gnump3d server, and wireless print server (if i can manage to install zd1211B module). Thanks!85
30 Aug 2006Tom GrossDebianSlug 3.10 Sid. Two 4 Gig flash drives. don't know how to overclock. :-) I will be hosting my personal website on this, real soon now.86
2 Sep 2006Steve HDebianSlug 3.10 sid - singularly awesome! Running samba, openssh, subversion and viewvc... with daily local and remote backups using rsync and cron.87
3 Sep 2006Danilo BarduscoDebianSlug 3.10 sid @ 133MHz/250GB - Running samba, openssh, proftpd, apache, mysql, php and TorrentFlux?.88
6 Sep 2006Dave HDebianSlug 3.10 beta sid @ 133MHz/300GB - Gonna re-de-clock it (?) after fighting for a week with the Slug. Not the clock problem, it was perl! Grrrr. Gonna use it as a remote RSYNC repository. Love having full Debian on this thang!89
6 Sep 2006M-A DumasDebianSlug 3.10 beta sid @ 133MHz/250GB - Love this low power consumption and the versatility of this machine. A lot of thanks to the devs!90
10 Sep 2006BenDebianSlug 3.10 beta sid on 4g usb notebook drive. Tried unslung, d-i image, several tries at debian slug. -->Flashed back to unslung. Running asterisk, ssh tunnels, vhost thttpd.91
12 Sep 2006JSGDebianSlug 3.10 beta sid Wonderful NSLU2! Thanks to all people supporting this website... who said "little" things couldn't make a difference?92
12 Sep 2006JACDebianSlug 3.10 beta w/"sid" on SuperTalent? Alumi-4Gb flash. NSLU2 is amazing. More amazing are the people who contribute to this effort. The Debian Bootstrap page was truly well refined and very easy to follow. Thanks again to all supporters. I've donated.93
13 Sep 2006Silvestre ZabalaDebianSlug 3.10 Beta. Keep up the great work! I've donated.94
15 Sep 2006Ulrik RasmussenDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz/40GB. Nice tutorial, I really admire the work that's been put into this project!95
15 Sep 2006JonDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 133MHz/320GB. - Very good guide, easy to follow. Thanks96
15 Sep 2006JohnDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz/500GB with OS on 2GB flash key. Backup device97
17 Sep 2006Sergio RubioDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz/40GB. Awesome guys, thanks.98
18 Sep 2006Irfan SiddiquiDebianSlug 3.10 Beta sid @ 266MHz/1GB USB flash drive. It is going to be used as a low-power ssh/http/ftp/subversion server.99
19 Sep 2006Ronny ChilinskiDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz/2x 160GB. Thanks! I'm using it as dhcp/file/ftp server atm.100
25 Sep 2006René HansenDebianSlug 3.10 Beta, Bootstrapped to Sid (unstable).101
28 Sep 2006Kari AhtialaDebianSlug 3.10 Beta, Bootstrapped to Sid (unstable). My other Slug runs OpenDebianSlug102
28 Sep 2006droneDebianSlug 3.10 Beta, Sid. Root on 1gb flashstick. 266MHz103
29 Sep 2006AphirakDebianSlug 4.0 Beta 266MHz/1GB USB Stick from svn.nslu2-linux.org, Bootstrapped to Sarge (stable). Good document info, very attractive and very nice!104
1 Oct 2006Phil GardinerDebianSlug 3.10 Beta, Bootstrapped to Sid (unstable). Working nicely as a web server and samba server.105
2 Oct 2006GerKerstenDebianSlug 3.10 Beta, Bootstrapped into Etch (testing). Bootup works nice, still have to setup samba and webserver106
3 Oct 2006Heiko RobertDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz/400GB, Bootstrapped to Sid (unstable).107
3 Oct 2006FabroceDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz/2GB USB Stick, Bootstrapped to Etch.108
3 Oct 2006PoutnikDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz/2GB USB Stick, Bootstrapped to Sid (unstable). I moved to DebianSlug from UnSlug?, because in the end I'm more familiar with Debian style admin - I already have Debian on the desktop machine109
4 Oct 2006Stian EikelandDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz/1GB USB Stick, Bootstrapped to Sid.110
5 Oct 2006droneDebianSlug 3.10 Beta, Sid. Root on a noname usb enclosure (300gb) serving mt-daapd/firefly. 266 MHz?111
5 Oct 2006droneDebianSlug 3.10 Beta,Sid. Testing gps and bt software. 133 MHz? only, no de-underclocking yet112
5 Oct 2006Petr JakesDebianSlug 3.10 Beta,Sid. @ 266MHz/500GB USB. Slug powered through USB port (always ON). It was necessary to connect my HD to an other system and 'tune2fs -c 0 -i 0 /dev/sda1' to get it working. Running Samba, kissd, Webmin, Python113
5 Oct 2006FcaroloDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 133MHz/120GB USB, Bootstrapped to Sid (unstable).114
5 Oct 2006DanDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz/512M USB Stick, Bootstrapped to Sid (unstable). Mostly working OK, but unable to load usbserial module (and others) due to as yet unsolved problems when trying to install the .ipk files from http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/debianslug/cross/3.10-beta/115
12 Oct 2006Leonardo AlcantaraDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 133MHz/10GB USB, Bootstrapped to Etch.(Sid failed)116
13 Oct 2006Bob EdwardsInstalled Sid on 266MHz NSLU2 with 2GB flash drive117
13 Oct 2006eSpencerDebianSlug 3.10 Beta on 266MHz NSLU2 / 250GB USB. Wow!! Works perfectly118
14 Oct 2006EltatorDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz / 250GB TEAC External HD. Just installed! Can't wait to install tons of apps!119
18 Oct 2006David BritnellDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz / 160GB WD External HD. Works perfectly! Can't wait to install apps!120
19 Oct 2006Steven OuDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz / 320GB Seagate External HD. It's running well, and learning how to install packages because i use openslug before121
19 Oct 2006Chad in Fresno,CA USADebianSlug at 133MHz / Seagate 300GB / Maxtor 160GB / Couldn't get sarge installed, but Etch was relatively painless. Had it up for several months with absolutely zero problems. File and backup server.122
19 Oct 2006EpsiloN?,Bilbao SpainDebianSlug at 266MHz / Seagate 20GB / Trying diferent options to download torrents, no one reaches more than 200KB, but happy with it :-)123
20 Oct 2006Ralph KrickeDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 133MHz / 80GB + 60GB 2.5" Fujitsu Handy Drive(s) (totally quiet!) Bootstrapped to sarge, using apt-pinning to get nslu2-utils. Thank you all for your good work!124
21 Oct 2006Juha HuotariDebianSlug 3.10 Beta I had OpenDebianSlug, but changed to DebianSlug. Services would be Apace2 with php and Dav and mySql and privoxy (http proxy)124
24 Oct 2006Philip YuenDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz / Kingston 512MB CF / Bootstrapped to SID. Answering machine + Print Server125
24 Oct 2006Ungoliant (Jose Antonio Insua)DebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz / 320GB Seagate Barracuda ATA in a external USB-SATA box. Bootstrapped to Etch. More than a week of uptime with thttpd, vsftpd, and mldonkey-server.126
27 Oct 2006C.C.Chiu(Taiwan TKU(http://www.tku.edu.tw/(approve sites)) CS)DebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz / 256Mb Sony MS Card. Bootstrapped to Etch. More than a week of uptime with lighttpd,127
28 Oct 2006Bengt Bolinder, dkDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz. Flashed with kernel 2.6.17-2-ixp4xx. Maxtor 250 Gb. Samba, apache2, openssh. Family photo server128
28 Oct 2006Steve GaneDebianSlug 3.10 Beta @ 266MHz (64MB FatSlug?) with 1GB flash drive & 160GB WD External HD. Bootstrapped to Etch.129
01 Nov 2006Rick BahagueDebianSlug 3.10 Beta with 40GB WD External HD. Bootstrapped to Sid.130
01 Nov 2006BK BoxDebianSlug 3.10 Beta on 1GB flash. Bootstrapped to Sid(for now) Plan on using it for web, mail, storage, etc.131
02 Nov 2006Matthias ThimmDebianSlug 3.10 Beta, 120GB HD. Thanks for a very excellent guide132
03 nov 2006DolperDebianslug 3.10 Beta, 500gb hd. Installed with no problems at all. Really great stuff133
04 Nov 2006Owen O ByrneDebianslug 3.10 Beta, 250gb WD HD. Fantastic - a really neat little Linux box to run a webserver, fileserver and SlimServer? from. This is great!134
07 Nov 2006dADebianslug rc 1 @ 266MHz, 250 Gb LaCie? HD. Thanks for the manual. This is great!135
09 Nov 2006Stefan LarssonDebianslug 3.10 Beta, 2x160gb Seagate HD. Finally a silent file/mail/webserver!136
15 Nov 2006SomeGuy?Debianslug 3.10 Beta. A little-endian companion for my uNSLUng media server137
25 Dec 2006Reedy BoyDebian NSLU2 Etch RC1? - LaCie? Carte Orange 8gb - All is good in slug land!!138
09 Jan 2007Muhammad ShahzadDebian etch RC1? on 266 MHz? NSLU2 using 300GB WD HD, wifi, samba, apache working. Web came in progress!139
11 Jan 2007SteveDaltonDebian etch RC1? on 266 MHz? NSLU2 using 40GB laptop drive in 2.5" case. Samba, dhcp, slimserver, cups all working no worries!140
13 Jan 2007SteveDaltonDebian etch RC1? on 266 MHz? NSLU2 using 200GB drive. samba, dhcp, dns, slimserver141
28 Feb 2007Gert-Jan C. PrinsDebian etch RC1? on 266 MHz? NSLU2 using 4GB Corsair Voyager USB Stick. NTP142
20 Jun 2007robthehallSecond time installing it: this time I think it'll work. Under 2 hour install with TurboSlug!143
27 Jun 2007JanAlonzoDebian Etch 4.0 on 133 MHz? NSLU2 Maxtor OneTouch? 100GB,samba,cupsys,squid,mt-daapd,cherokee,etc....144
22 Jul 2007Pete SmithFinally upgraded from unSlung to Debian Slug. Looking into creating a KDE GUI that can be accessed from a web browser. Any advice would be gratefully received.145
23 Dec 2007Kevin McGough?etch with webcam on gspca drivers. Also using this to drive mt-daapd from the my N-AEBS why didn't Apple do that?146
26 Dec 2007JingleManSweep?Debian Etch 4.0rc2 running MPD, LIRC, LCD4Linux? and Lighttpd that are configured via DHCP "option" parameters passed from DHCP server147
28 Dec 2007Roberto CraveroDebian 4.0rc2148
22 Jan 2008Willy De la CourtDebian 4.0rc2 on 133 MHz? NSLU2 LaCie? 500Gb149
15 Apr 2008MRPDebian 4.0rc2 on a non-underclocked NSLU2, 2GB USB stick, Twonky media server, MPD, Samba share trough WIPPIES black Homebox150
6 May 2009John D. Martin IIIDebian Lenny on a de-underclocked NSLU2, 2 WD MyBook? 1TB Disks running a nightly incremental backup (rsync), Mediatomb, FireflyMS? (mt-daapd), NFS/samba server, Print Server, APC UPS with apcupsd using lighttpd as web-server. Local DNS cache with bind9. USB audio card (modded Logitech headset lead) to speakers for streaming internet radio and playing from music library using mplayer-headless and cmus. Also using as an automated backup server for 2 laptops.151
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Based on work by MRP, ham, wdl, JingleManSweep, roberto cravero, Kevin McGough, Pete Smith, JanAlonzo, robthehall, Gert-Jan C Prins, Steve Dalton, Muhammad Shahzad, Reedy Boy, SomeGuy, Stefan Larsson, dA, Owen O Byrne, dolper, M Thimm, bbolinder, BK, rick bahague, Philip Yuen, Steve G, ccchiu, Jose Antonio Insua Ungoliant, age, Juh4, EpsiloN, Ralph Kricke, Chad, Steven, Luis Bustamante, David Britnell, Eltator, eSpencer, BobEdwards, Leonardo Alcantara, LeonardoAlcantara, Aphirak, Dan, fcarolo, Petr Jakes, drone, Stian Eikeland, Ben, Poutnik, Fabroce, Heiko Robert, GerKersten, Ger Kersten, Phil Gardiner, Apj, Kari Ahtiala, René, Thiemo Hopp, Ronny Chilinski, Irfan Siddiqui, Sergio Rubio, John, Jon, Ulrik Rasmussen, Silvestre Zabala, JACarr, JSG, Marc-André, Dave Hrynkiw, DaniloBardusco, SteveH, Tom Gross, Phillip Li, vicky, Robin Cornelius, Jaq, Gettons, bb, Lionel, Ahmad Khayyat, Austin Schuh, bartek, Tahitibob, Massimo Bassi, Tony Rodriguez, ygfperson, ulfs, 120, IanWienand, luca, beango, mindbender, cachuping, downlalaway, pepesz, Johan Svedberg, Ilias Ganis, mrvnslgmailcom, jbert, welbo, Gerald Clark, tenfoot, PP, Jim Drash, heiba, mike, Prometeux, cwatts, snauth, kameit00, Luis Gutierrez, rss, rssmigranl, thenick, dlubinski, jens, Johannes, sherpya, theklone, gornea, whb, quitschibooo, Sebastian Krey, Angua, namtok, ST, Übergeek, Marzelpan, whaak, rebelbrethren, joschkopf, Juli Entrens Perez, marcusb, AndyCater, Sinclair73, Rasjid Wilcox, SimonJosefsson, antikristian, repvik, Steve Bennett, Patrik Sundberg, Heiko Lippmann, cherrytreeproduction, bzhou, joeyh, franz_ks, emm_is, Anakin, John August, eFfeM, ErichFocht, Patrick Schneider, jeanfabrice, and BrandonPhilips.
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