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This page provides instructions for installing the official little endian Debian port on a Slug without using any additional hardware.

Building and Installing Little Endian DebianSlug

First visit the instructions on MasterMakefile to setup a build environment then make the following targets

make update
make debianslug-image

The image tmp/deploy/images/debianslug-nslu2-<date>.flashdisk.img can be uploaded using UpSlug. See the instructions in UsingTheBinary. An UpSlug binary was built when you built the image and can be found in tmp/staging/build-system/bin/upslug, where build-system is the operating system on which make is executed.

If you already have a running openslug system, you can also do reflash -i debianslug-nslu2-<date>.flashdisk.img to reflash your image. However in that case you will get a message about not being able to restore the configuration. You can safely ignore this message.

Bootstrap will explain how to setup your debianslug distribution.

Do not distribute alpha binaries.

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Based on work by jens, eFfeM, rwhitby, Patrick Schneider, BrandonPhilips, and jeanfabrice.
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