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In short the DS-101 is almost ready for general use, but being unable to write to the flash (at least for rev3.0) prevents the kernel to be stored in a persistent way accross reboots.

What works

Basically everything works great except flash

  • core components (CPU, bus, mem, etc.) : vanilla kernel (mach-ixdp425)
  • IDE : vanilla kernel (aec62xx)
  • USB : vanilla kernel (ehci_hcd)
  • RTC : vanilla kernel (rtc-rs5c372)
  • network : ixp4xx npe driver found on nslu2-linux
  • buttons and leds : patch available, with generic /sys interface

What does not work

  • flash : DS-101 rev3.0 has a M-Systems DiskOnChip, the bootloader has no write access for DoC. Linux 2.6 DoC support seems unsafe and may brick the device. Actually powering off the DS-101 will require manual commands through the serial console so that the device starts our custom kernel.
    DS-101 rev 2.2 has a Intel Strataflash, its exact status is currently unknown.

DS101j, DS101G+, DS106, CS406 and others

TODO, feel free to fill the status for these devices.

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