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Recover Data from internal Harddisk

This is what you need for the procedure:

  • Spare Harddisk
  • External USB HDD Casing

If you are playing around with the config Files in /etc (like I have), you might get a situation where your DS101 does not boot again. (like I have)

After the first beep, the unit shows some HDD activity and then shows the following situation:

  • Power LED blue
  • Status LED orange
  • HDD LED dark
  • LAN LED green

The DS101 is now in pre-installation mode, you can install the box with DSAssistant? from the manufacturer's CD. Do not start the assistant now!! It will format the internal Harddisk!!

Steps to recover the Data

  1. Shut down the DS101, disconnect the Harddisk and connect the spare Harddisk.
  2. Run DSAssistant to reinstall the box with any settings you like.
  3. Enable Telnet and log in to your newly-setup DS101.
  4. Connect your original Harddisk with an external USB Casing to the DS101, it will show up as \\servername\usbshare1 (the share will show up as empty - don't worry) and as /volumeUSB1/ .
  5. You can now either copy the original Files (like synoinfo.conf in my case) back into the original /etc directory (cp /etc/synoinfo.conf /volumeUSB1/etc/synoinfo.conf)

or mount the original data partition to restore just the files:

  • mkdir /mydata
  • mount /dev/sda3 /mydata
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