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Re-initializing the internal hard drive

WARNING: This will wipe out *everything* on the internal hard drive, and (hopefully) restore the DS-101 to a working state. It *does* depend on some libraries in /lib, so if you've messed around too much there, it won't work. The solution then is to take out the hdd and remove the partitions on some other PC. Formatting the drive in Windows or OSX for example is an easy way to "reset" the drive so it will format again in a DS101.

Alternative 1:

  1. Press and hold the reset button until you hear a long beep then release.
  2. Press and hold the reset button immediately after releasing it. Wait until you hear three beeps.
  3. Wait until the blue LED stops blinking.
  4. Voilá!

Alternative 2:

(If you still have telnet access)

  1. fdisk /dev/hda
  2. Press "d" for "delete", then "1"
  3. Repeat the above step for partitions 1 through 4
  4. Press "w" to write
  5. "reboot"
  6. access the syno web-gui and initialize a reformat of the drive
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