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DS101-Linux is software which extends the functionality of the Synology DS-101, DS101J and DS-101g+ NAS.
DS101-Linux is under heavy development. Most of the discussion is currently in the IRC channel and the mailing list. Want to help out? There's a few items on the DS101ToDo list, and there's heaps of packages to be tested. Or you could join the list of donators!

DS-101(j/g+)-related wiki pages:

Preliminary HowTos:


Planned firmware directions:

There are two custom versions of the firmware planned:

  1. A "Optware" type firmware, which retains the original firmware functionality, and adds extra functionality. This is targeted at end-users that would like the DS-101(g+) to be a bit more useful, but don't want to lose the great functionality in the original firmware. The main components of this is done on the DS101 and DS101G+. The DS101J is work-in-progress
  2. Debian On Nas And Routers And Stuff -> http://www.debonaras.org. Lots of packages and Debian stability.

This includes running a recent 2.6-kernel.

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