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This is how I downgraded the firmware of my DS101j to 3.0240:

  1. Download IZ arc from http://www.izarc.org/
  2. Download the modified version and checksum.syno file from http://alberg.dk/downgrade.zip
  3. Extract the file to a temporary directory e.g. c:/temp
  4. Copy the original 3.0240 firmware (synology_ixp420_junior.pat) from the cd to c:/temp
  5. Open the pat file using izarc
  6. Drag the extracted version and checksum.syno files to the izarc window
  7. Accept that the files are overwritten

I think the same should be possible for other firmwares (DS101, DS101g) however here you probably have to extract the checksum.syno file from the original firmware. Then edit it so the checksum for checksum.syno becomes 2126324206 which means that the first line reads: 2126324206 123 VERSION 169 193. If this does not work try downloading DPASHA http://www.paehl.de, use it to calculate CRC32 checksum and then use calc.exe to convert from hex to decimal. The checksum is the first digits in the checksum.syno file.

Let me know if you need any help.


wormie a alberg dot dk

Did this on the DS101G+ and no-go ( or i mis-read the deal) But applied the same logic to the DS101G+ 2.0.1 - 3.0240 firmware (no use of later firmware files) and updated those version number as above all + 1 and higher date + one day then write back to .pat file and all was well. telnet was won.

One can also modify the /etc/inetd.conf like explained in EnableTelnet. Flops

downgrade DS101-------------------------------------

I downgraded my DS101 from fw 3.71

via the web interface using this synology patch


i got a hd failure and lost my data partition "so be warned - do a backup"

greetings emanuelj_dk a yahoo.co.uk

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Based on work by Emanuel Johannessen, repvik, flops, David Holm, and conradL.
Originally by David Holm.
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