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When I tried to jtag my DS101, I found out that it's a little bit more complicated than just plugging in the cable and then running jtag software. I'll use this page to capture my findings, in a log format initially. ---Steven.


  • jtag worked, but got into another issue.
  • got device id right, "detectflash" reported flash info, then power is switched off all in a sudden.
  • jtag pinout as below:
	8-NC (not connected)


  • did some investigations on the power supply of the board


  • soldered a jumper on the power button - equivalent of pushing power button - to work around the power off problem of the jtag
  • backed up flash memory through jtag


  • burned a re-compiled redboot, no console output
  • burned a prebuit redboot, no console output
  • burned the backed-up redboot, console ok


  • burned a re-compiled u-boot, no console output
  • burned a prebuilt u-boot, no console output
  • burned a re-compiled apex, no console output
  • burned a prebuilt apex, no console output


  • fixed byte swapping script (between 2 and 4 bytes)
  • burned a apex, got console output
  • burned a u-boot, got console output
  • burned the backed-up redboot, re-initialized fis.


  • Those tests convinced me that my jtag tool is in a usable condition, and this concludes my jtag tests.
  • my jtag tool is quite slow, a better solution is called for if jtag will be used more often.

Hardware, Software and Misc.

  • Synology DS-101, PCB rev 3.0, firmware V.30
  • the flash chip is an Intel 28F128J3A, not a DiskOnChip?
  • the device was acquired circa Oct. 2006.
  • the jtag adapter is generic, some wiring was done to make it Wiggler compatible.
  • the jtag software is openwince jtag0.5.1, with a patch by Stewart Heitmann.
  • thanks for helps on information, software and patches from websites, forums and mailing lists.
  • thanks for helps of my friends on adapters and connectors and such.
  • further work would be to pick a bootloader, put on a kernel and run as a server.
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