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Synology DS-101

Pictures of the hardware


  • Intel IXP420 @ 266MHz
  • 64MB SDRAM @ 133MHz (2x 32MB chips)
  • 16MB Flash - Rev 2.2 has a Intel Strataflash, Rev 3.0 has a M-Systems DiskOnChip Millennium Plus. Other hardware revs are unknown.
  • 1x Internal PATA ATA133 Interface - Acard ATP865-A
  • 3x USB 2.0 ports - VIA VT6212 + 1x InternalUSBPort
  • 1x Network interface @ 10/100BaseT HD/FD - Intel IXP420 NPE
  • 1x 10/100BaseT PHY for above network interface - Micrel KS8721
  • Three buttons: Power, Reset and USB-Copy
  • GPIO connections
  • DS-101 System Information

It runs off a 12V 3.33A Power supply.

It looks like it might be possible to add a second network interface with a few parts and some soldering. Stay tuned! There is an internal USB-port that it's possible to use. Look at InternalUSBPort. There is already a serial port header on the board. Look at SerialConsole for more info and how to use it.

It appears that there is a space for a Mini PCI socket. It is unknown at this time whether it is possible to enable it.

The pads for connecting a JTAG adapter are present on the PCB and are marked JTAG & J1. If you have a DS-101 containing a M-Systems DiskOnChip flash then you may have trouble reprogramming it with the freely available tools such as JTAG Tools.

JTAG Pinout

(confirmed working, but with complications. see DS101Jtag for details)

	1 VCC
	2 nTRST
	3 TDI
	4 TMS
	5 TCK
	6 GND
	7 TDO
	8 NC (not connected)

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