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You must have a working toolchain for the DS-101g+. Consult this page for instructions on how to build it.

1. Acquire the DS-101g+ sources:

 $ wget ftp://gpl.synology.com/gpl/ds101g+-199.tgz
 $ tar -xzf ds101g+-199.tgz
 $ mv source ds101g+-199

2. Prepare for building

 $ cd ds101g+-199/uclinux2422/linux-2.4.x
 $ cp Makefile.powerpc Makefile
 $ cp powerpc-config .config
 $ make oldconfig

Now edit the Makefile and change the variable CROSS_COMPILE to point to your toolchain, e.g:


3. Configure modules to build

Use "make menuconfig" and choose the modules you want to build.

4. Building the module(s)

 $ mkdir tmp
 $ make dep
 $ make modules
 $ INSTALL_MOD_PATH=$PWD/tmp make modules_install

The modules will be placed in tmp/lib/modules/2.4.22-uc0/. Now copy the needed module(s) to the DS-101g+ and load them using "insmod <modulename>".

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