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Synology DS-101g+

Pictures of the hardware:


  • 266MHz MPC603e core PowerPC - Freescale MPC8241
  • 64MB 133MHz SDRAM - PSC A2V56S408TP
  • 16MB Flash - Spansion S29GL128M
  • 1x Internal & 1x External SATA150 port - Silicon Image SiI3512
  • 3 USB 2.0 ports - NEC μPD720101
  • 1 Network interface @ 10/100/1000BaseT HD/FD - Marvell Yukon 88E8001
  • Three buttons: Power, Reset and USB-Copy
  • Internal "smart" fan

It appears that there is a space for a PCI socket and space for an extra 2 SDRAM chips. It is unknown at this time whether it is possible to enable them.

The pads for connecting a JTAG adapter are present on the PCB and are marked JTAG & J1.

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