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  • Download latest firmware for the DS-106e from Synology.
  • Unpack the zip, and open the .pat file with i.e. file-roller on Ubuntu or light-weight alternative Xarchiver (on various other distributions).
  • Extract VERSION and checksum.syno
  • Edit VERSION, and change the line starting with 'unique=syn....' into 'unique=synology_powerpc_101g+_1hd'
  • save changes
  • calculate CRC32? checksum with i.e. cfv on Ubuntu (need to do an 'sudo apt-get install cfv')
  • re-calculate the calculated CRC32? checksum from HEX into Decimal notation (you may use http://www.statman.info/conversions/hexadecimal.html(approve sites) for conversion - decimal will be similar to 1877716180)
  • Replace the first number in checksum.syno at the line containing VERSION, with the newly calculated decimal checksum.
  • Replace the VERSION and checksum.syno files in the .pat file (i.e. while you have the .pat archive opened in file-roller or Xarchiver)
  • Close the archive, and do the update.
  • REMEMBER: If you want/need to install firmware again you'll have to use the original 106e firmware pat file (the one that you modified won't work - it's for the first time upgrade only)

Remember, no garanty.

It works on my DS-101g+ rev. 2.1

An alternativ way of calculating the checksum can be found in the Downgrade firmware page.

AFAIK it is not necessary to calculate the checksum at all. Just remove the "VERSION" line. Unless the "updater" checks the numbers again, it should work if there is at least one line with correct numbers.

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Based on work by flipflip, Cem, hanberg, and nbz.
Originally by nbz.
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