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A free UPnP A/V Media Server for Linux



From the root prompt, type:

ipkg install ushare

This will install ushare and a dependent package called libupnp.


To complete the installation, you must edit /opt/etc/ushare.conf to add the location(s) of your media files, and then run

/opt/etc/init.d/S99ushare start

Also, you can add media directories and manage settings via the web interface (be sure to set the port number in the /opt/etc/ushare.conf configuration file):



If you are using it for an xbox 360, the default ipkg currently up (as of Feb 17 2008) has a few bugs:

  • the script doesn't pass on the XBOX mode to the executable (it should either pass on "-x" or use the "-f" flag so ushare actually reads a conf file!)
  • the stop command won't work because ushare isn't creating a PID file, so the bash script should be modified so it does!

FYI, once I got the xbox profile going, I had to go to the xbox's video source page, selected it twice (first time it failed), and then same for a video (had to do it twice), but once it was up, it worked great (avi file).

turbo: Is multicast enabled by default?

jerry: The init script doesn't seem to launch ushare with the conf file options. If you launch ushare manually with the -f option pointing to ushare.conf it works fine. Also the ushare.conf parameter ENABLE_XBOX=yes should be USHARE_ENABLE_XBOX=yes

jerry: I got this working by editing /opt/etc/init.d/S99ushare and changing USHARE_OPTIONS="-f $CONFIGFILE" to USHARE_OPTIONS="-f $CONFFILE"

chris: If you get "error while loading shared libraries: libavformat.so.52" as I did then you need to install ffmpeg also

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Based on work by jurgen, jerry, turbo, japher, eddie, fcarolo, and jyeh.
Originally by Peter Enzerink.
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