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Music Browser

Music Browser is a light-weight web based browser for you music collection.

It is light enough to run flawlessly on NAS devices like the Linksys NSLU2 or Freecom FSG3, and could serve as a simple alternative to software like Andromeda.


  • Streams folders recursively as m3u, pls or asx playlists
  • All folders are available as podcasts/rss
  • Cover images (folder.jpg, cover.jpg etc.) are shown in folders and podcasts if available.
  • Embedded flash player (JW FLV Media Player)
  • Basic playback via Slimserver
  • Very basic playback via sound card card on the server
  • Zero config possible, additional config is easy
  • Host access control from slimserver and server side playback.
  • Small size (25K download)
  • Open source (GPL): Feel free to edit the program to fit your needs.

The script does not have to be in the same folder as your music, and requires a web server and at least PHP 4.2 to run.

Get it at http://musicbrowser.sourceforge.net/

Streaming to the Nintendo Wii with Music Browser

What I needed was an app to use the NSLU2 as a server to play my music collection on the Wii attached to my stereo. Note that the Wii can only playback MP3's through a flash-enabled browser.

Music Browser v0.8 includes an embedded flash player, which should enable playback on the Wii.

I found that v0.8 didn't work on the Wii - flash player wouldn't load. It did work from my laptop so I suspect it is something to do with Flask versions (the Wii only has Flash 7 I believe). I had to revert to http://musicbrowser.sourceforge.net/experimental/musicbrowser-0.7-wii.zip


Obviously I am not able to get this working! I used the 0.7-wii version, but when I upload this to the slug and poinz the browser at it, player wants to play something contained in the audio.rss file. As I understand this is due to customizations made in index.php. How can I get it play the files seen in the browser and contained in $PATH?

THX! c_malloc

Currently Version 0.13 is available. Amongst others many updates to Flash-player and Rss title. Here is the changelog http://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=578190&group_id=208076

Changes: 0.13 (2008-02-20) - Added playlist shuffle - Bugfix: UTF-8 handling in flashplayer and asx playlists would't work for

  some versions of PHP4? in certain situations

- Bugfix: Rss title linked to itself

0.12 (2008-02-12) - Bugfix: Non-ascii characters wasn't displayed correctly in flashplayer and

  asx playlists

- Bugfix: The root playlist name was empty - Clean up item naming in playlist and flashplayer - Bugfix: Redirect (e.g. when using squeezebox playback) didn't work properly - Bugfix: Flash player only played first song in a playlist

0.11 (2008-02-10) - Bugfix: flash player support for UTF-8 link names - Shows covers for all folders when new config 'folderCovers' is enabled - New color scheme

0.10 (2008-02-08) - Bugfix: Download URL's were broken (bug #1889393) - Improve file name parsing for flash player - Charset for rss and browser is now specified in index.php - Don't return everything from the root path if an illegal path is specified

0.9 (2008-02-03) - Bugfix: Flash player didn't play songs with quotes (bug #1885871)


c_malloc: You need to make sure the file permissions on audio.rss and the associated directory are set appropriately so that the php script can write it.


musicbrowser updated to version 0.23, bug fixes, but also template support. sweet template. I had to convert any references to mb_substr and mb_convert_case to substr and convert_case to get streamlib.php to work. figuring out how to get search working now.

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Based on work by Andrew, Thomas, c_malloc, Me, fcarolo, Edgar, and ByronT.
Originally by Me.
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