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Jinzora http://www.jinzora.org/ "A Web-based media streamer, primarily desgined to stream MP3s (but can be used for any media file that can stream from HTTP)"

Easy to setup on the slug, default install instructions worked for me, on top of PHP, Apache and `all iconv or gd. Very slow to load, but once loaded works well.

-- TimBishop

The next jinzora version will support SQLite, and as sqlite is built in php 5.x.x, you won't need mysql to use it (i'm running it using lighttpd & fastgci & php 5.0.5) You can get a cvs or nightly build version if you do not want to wait for next official release : http://www.jinzora.com/downloads/jznightly.tar.gz

-- Sylver

Jinzora does support SQLite now (as of version Jinzora 2.3 - 11.9.2005).

-- Tuk

I've been trying to run Jinzora with php-thttpd and MySQL, and I'm coming to the conclusion that Jinzora is too much for thttpd to handle. The index pages work OK (if slowly), but if you try to play a playlist or track, it gives you a blank screen, and thttpd basically dies at that point, needing a restart.

Has anyone else got Jinzora to work successfully with php-thttpd, or should I start looking for another music server (preferably one which isn't PHP-based - GNUMP3d?)?

-- TWalker

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