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This page describes complete applications for the Linksys NSLU2. We intend moving a number of the existing HowTo pages here, where they describe how to get a well-known application to run on the slug. Note that this section is firmware-agnostic, and should describe fully-integrated solutions (i.e. ipkgs with sample configuration files and instructions on how to complete the installation and configuration), rather than just being a description of the contents of an Optware package (for instance). Applications designed specifically for a slug should be placed on the Custom page.

You can also search for packages using the Optware find tool(approve sites).

The following applications are available:

Work is progressing on the following applications:

  • DigitalCameraBackup: Back up your digital camera.
  • OxylBox: Advanced open source server software for the Pinnacle Show Center, Neuston Virtuoso MC-500 and compatible devices.
  • FireSlug: Using Linux iptables to build a secure highly customisable firewall, including a transparent bridge and a conventional NAT firewall, with the installation of a compatible USB-Ethernet adaptor. (Currently requires OpenSlug, only basic documentation in place)
  • http://t0ny.org/page/nslu2. Controlling xmas lights with an Nslu2. (updated 11-06-2008). -t0ny

AstroSlug? - control of Camera (via gphoto2) and control of Telescope Mount

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